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As an experienced U.S based supplier dedicated to providing our customers with the most updated cryptocurrency mining equipment. 4Space Mining is a Milwaukee-based company enthusiastic about serving our dedicated customers.

Our top priority for the industry is to ensure you have proper access to the cryptocurrency mining hardware you need while minimizing transit times, eliminating risk, and reducing costs. 

Our prices are unbeatable in the market today and are regularly updated by the hour to serve you as best as we can. For more added value for the customer experience, our payment methods are very secure and fast – giving you peace of mind during your shopping experience.
We pride ourselves on providing our customers with both high levels of one-on-one support and superior equipment at lower costs. Above all else, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with each customer, as we find ways to ensure our promise as a business always holds true to your expectations and experience.

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Crypto Mining Hardware

At 4Space Mining, we have you covered from start to finish for your crypto mining hardware needs. You can choose from our variety of GPU miners, ASICs, and up-and-coming new releases. Reach out to get further details on future orders, as we like to help provide results for our dedicated customers.


We can provide specialized consultation for your cryptocurrency needs. Our team takes pride in helping you mine crypto as smoothly and efficiently as possible. So feel free to reach out to us, and one of our specialists can guide you in the right direction to making mining crypto an easy and fun experience!


We work with you to create a crypto mining strategy of your liking. Thanks to our Bitmain ASIC certified staff and partnering mining facilities; we can host and run your miners for you. Hosting your crypto mining hardware has never been this easy, and we’re excited to provide this service for you.

Crypto Education

We are developing a program to educate up-and-coming miners on the ins and outs of our industry. For our students, we provide a complete understanding of what goes into being a crypto miner. Our curriculum covers topics ranging from GPU rig building, troubleshooting, hosting, and repair. So you’ll get a fully-rounded and certifiable education on everything related to cryptocurrency

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